МТКТ Innovation

TechnoHall is a new advanced format of a familiar exhibition MTKT Innovation, held as a part of Kiev International Furniture Forum (KIFF) in International Exhibition Center (15, Brovarskyi Avenue). The exhibition, which is very popular with professionals of the field, will cover the whole area of the third pavilion, while the exposition of furniture and interior within the International Forum KIFF will be located in the first and second pavilions of the exhibition center.

Design in details. Even a minute innovative component can change the final look of a ready-made product, its features and characteristics. That is why the exhibition МТКТ Innovation (TechnoHall) focuses on details and components, which are used in furniture manufacturing and interior decoration. Refined design is composed by details, which add individual style, sense of completeness and harmony to any product.

Materials and semi-finished products.  Keeping up with the times, participants of MTKT Innovation will present ultra-modern materials possessing unique properties, as well as common natural ones, such as wood and wood veneer of exotic types, natural stones, glass, etc. It allows furniture manufacturers, designers and architects to have a limitless source of ideas and opportunities, make the boldest ideas come true and create the interior of the future.

Meetingplaceforprofessionals. Three main components, such as “Specialists”, “Products” and “Communication” define high efficiency of the exhibition MTKT Innovation for both visitors, and participants. It is a meeting place for leaders of the industry, people who make important decisions, which allows signing big and profitable contracts right at the exhibition.

Innovation Premiere is the event, which broadens horizons of usual ideas about furniture components and semi-finished products. It is the advanced marketing tool to promote sales, which has been proving its effectiveness during recent years. Innovation Premiere presents innovative materials, technologies and systems to furniture manufacturers, designers and architects. Annually, the leading foreign and Ukrainian companies present a great number of innovative solutions for furniture manufacturing and interior decoration at the exhibition. Nowadays operators of furniture market actively apply these innovative solutions in their work.

FurnituretechnologiesFurn`Equip. At present, the key success factor of any furniture type lies in advanced design, modern materials and durability. Modern equipment for furniture industry, which ensures flawlessness of the produced items and their durability, is in a great demand on Ukrainian market. The exhibition Furn`Equip unites companies that provide innovative and unusual solutions, technological novelties and modern equipment, making furniture manufacturing easy and economically efficient.

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Проект Trend квартира 2019 эксклюзивно на Design. Living Tendency!

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Как обустроить квартиру? Какая цветовая гамма соответствует последним тенденциям? Эти и многие другие вопросы интересуют не только дизайнеров, но и владельцев квартир. Для демонстрации новейших интерьерных тенденций интернет-портал Home Ideas Supply (HIS.UA) и Design. Living Tendency создали уникальный проект Trend квартира 2019. На специальной локации стены построены по принципу реальной квартиры, окрашены в цвета из новой капсульной коллекции Green от Little Greene.

Congratulations to guests and participants of the exhibitions Design Living Tendency 2018 and MTKT 2018 on the opening!

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The exhibitions of the newest interior trends Design Living Tendency 2018 and Furniture Technologies, Components, Textiles MTKT 2018 are officially open. We are looking forward to seeing you in the International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarskyi Ave.) from the 17th to the 20th of October, 2018!

You can order an invitation ticket online on the website: www.invitation.kiev.ua

Хотите расти, улучшить ведение вашего бизнеса и выйти на экспортные рынки? Мы знаем как.

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18 октября в рамках экспортной конференции приглашаем производителей мебели  на встречу с экспертомпо бизнес-диагностике, проектного менеджмента и внедрения консалтинговых проектов для малого и среднего бизнеса, координатором  проектов отдела финансирования и развития МСБ ЕБРР в Украине, которая ведет инициативу по развитию мебельного сектора в рамках EU4Business Ольгой Иванченко.

WoodWorkingFest REMESLO на международных выставках DESIGN LIVING TENDENCY и МТКТ

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Фестиваль WoodWorkingFest REMESLO – отраслевой праздник, на котором Вы получите возможность увидеть, сделать, услышать, приобрести, а также узнаете много нового про мебель, предметы интерьера, материалы и технологии, а также мебельное и столярное дело в целом.

20 октября на DLT «Портрет потребителя в масс маркете»

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Выходя в продажи серийной мебели, производитель задается вопросами: Кто и где покупает мебель в масс маркете? Какой он - обычный потребитель? Что популярно в массах Сколько украинский потребитель готов потратить на покупку мебели?